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Pratt & Whitney Stadium Mobile Tickets

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  • UConn Athletics will transition to mobile ticketing in the Fall of 2021. Mobile ticketing allows for faster delivery of tickets, contactless transactions at gates, and more flexibility for ticketholders. There will be no physical season ticket books, print-at-home tickets, or paper tickets for Football. Ticketholders who do not have a smartphone will be able to request alternative options.
  • UConn will continue to provide printed parking passes for season ticket holders to access each respective lot on gameday during the 2021 football season. Those passes will be delivered via regular mail in August.
  • Fans are encouraged to download their mobile tickets before arriving at the stadium.


UConn Football Mobile Tickets



Ticket Transfer

Transferring unused tickets to family and friends is now easier than ever. Eliminate the need to meet face-to-face or stand in will call lines before the game to drop off or pick up extra tickets. Simply access your account online and transfer your ticket to a friend. The recipient then gets an email notifying them of the transfer, instantly receives the tickets, and prints the tickets on demand. It’s that easy and it's free!

Find Ticket Transfer Instructions and FAQs Below


Ticket Transfer FAQs

How do I share a ticket?

1) Sign in to your online ticket account.
2) Under Manage My Tickets, click Transfer Tickets/Items
3) Click the Transfer link below the event you wish to transfer.
4) Check each box for each individual seat you wish to transfer and enter the recipient's contact information (case sensitive). You will be asked to confirm your request on the following page.
5) Wait for the recipient to claim the tickets; they have 72 hours to accept the transfer. You will receive an email notification once the tickets are accepted, rejected, or unclaimed.

How do I accept a shared ticket?

1) Transfer recipients receive an email that includes a link to accept the transfer. The subject line of the email will read "Ticket Transfer Invitation". Open your email program, find the email and click on the link.
2) Enter your email address into the appropriate field and click the "Accept" button.
3) Sign in to your ticket account using your email address and password, or click the "Register Here" link if you have never used the online ticketing system.
4) There is NO fee associated with this transfer.
5) You will then receive an email containing your transferred ticket attached to it in the form of a "Print-At-Home" PDF document. Open the email and print out the ticket.

When can I share a ticket?

The entire ticket share (offer or acceptance) must be completed prior to the scheduled start of the event. 

Any additional info to remember?

1) A ticket can only be shared one time. Shared tickets cannot be shared again.
2) Once the offer to share tickets is made, the recipient has 72 hours to claim the tickets.