Executive Chef Ric Sablitz Bio

Executive Chef Ric Sablitz began his culinary career at the age of 16 and worked his way up from washing dishes to being offered a position as a line cook. Cooking came naturally to him and he found being a line cook to be very rewarding. He continued gain experience in the restaurant industry working at various restaurants that exposed him to different culinary styles.

Chef Ric decided to go to business school because of expectations that he would go to college to study Finance and become a Stockbroker. Throughout his positions in the business world he kept his connection to the culinary world by taking night cooking classes and taking cooking jobs on the weekends. The more he dove into his culinary passions the more rewarding he found it. 

It was at this point, that with the support of his wife that he decided to cook full time and quickly earned a positon as a Banquet Chef. From there he soon became an Executive Chef at a Hotel, worked as a Chef at Foxwoods and finally arrived at Pratt Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in 2012. As a Chef for Spectra Food Service Chef Ric works not only at Renstschler Field but the XL Center. The two venues offer a wide variety and contrasting challenges. Ranging from A La Carte dining and Nutritionist approved team meals to the sheer volume required of a football stadium and everything in between. Entering into his fourth season he continues to try to improve on the guests experience by offering them the best food possible.‚Äč